Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does AusAni have a physical store I can visit?
No, we are an Internet only company and don’t have a physical store.

2. Will AusAni ship outside of Australia?
No, not at this time. We may look to do so in the future, but we are only shipping within Australia at this time.

3. How much does shipping cost?
We use a Flat Rate for shipping, meaning you’ll pay the same no matter where you may be in Australia. These are broken up into four categories:

Small Parcels – For small items like key rings, towels and posters – $9.99
Small Figures – For Nendoroids, Figmas and other smaller items – $19.99
Average Figures – For regular scale figures – most figures will fall into this category – $31.00
Large Figures – For unusually large figures – $48.99

The rate charged for shipping will be based on the largest item in your order, and will only be applied once – shipping is not multiplied. This means that if you order three small figures, you will pay a single shipping fee of $19.99 (Small Figures category), and if you order two Small Figures and an average sized figure, you will pay a single Shipping Fee of $31.00 (Average Figures category).

4. How long will by order take to arrive?
Generally it would take no longer than three weeks, but will be much quicker than that on most occasions.

5. Is everything AusAni sells legit – not bootlegs or copies?
We buy everything brand new from our suppliers, you can rest assured we take every step to ensure what we sell is great quality and in no way falsely represented.

6. How do pre-orders work?
When you pre-order an item, no immediate payment is required, payment will become due on the scheduled release date. Once the item is released, you’ll be emailed to complete payment and from there the order will be completed like any other.

7. What is the scheduled release date?
The scheduled release date is when we have been advised we can expect availability of an item. On occasion, an items release may be delayed by the manufacturer or distributor, which is out of AusAni’s control. If this happens to an item you have on order with us, you will be notified via email.

8. I’m chasing something not listed in your store – can you help?
Absolutely! If you’re chasing an older figure, or something rare or outside of the mainstream – just send us an email at and we’ll see if we can find it for you. This also applies to second hand figures.