About AusAni

Who are we and why are we here?

Whilst that’s a very difficult question to answer on a larger scale, it is much easier to answer about AusAni itself.

AusAni was formed out of the enthusiasm I have for Anime Figure collecting. I’ve been to Japan a number of times and added a lot of anime paraphernalia onto my shelves that way, but when at home, the purchasing of new gear is a little more complex. The concept of AusAni is to make that a whole lot easier. Whilst the prospect of shopping overseas and dealing with non-native English speaking companies can be daunting for some, AusAni is here to take out the guess work and make your shopping experience much simpler.

My goal is to introduce into Australia the many and varied types of Anime Merchandise available at the most reasonable prices I can muster. As an enthusiast myself, I want to make the hobbies that I enjoy so much accessible to everyone.

There’s the ‘why’, now here’s the ‘where’

AusAni is totally based in Australia, in our Nation’s Capital of Canberra in fact, and whilst our goods may be sourced from foreign lands, rest assured that you’re dealing with a local Australian Small Business.

Wait, did I say I was a collector?

Sure did, I’ve been collecting for a few years – if you’ve got any questions about collecting, or my own collection, be sure to ask!