AusAni is taking a break…

Hey Everyone

Firstly, thank you for your patronage of AusAni over the last six years. I think it goes without saying that the last two years of that have been really hard – the pandemic has been so disruptive to our everyday lives that there’s barely a facet of life that has gone unchanged. As a Small Business, the same applies to us here at AusAni. We’ve seen our processes, the way we did business prior get severely impacted by border closures, shipping method suspensions and cancellations, and of course suppliers causing delays with their own disruptions.

And those two years have certainly taken a toll. And so, due to that toll, we need to take a breather.

This means we will only be accepting orders on items that we have here physically in stock, alongside normal operations of processing existing Pre-Orders and orders that are Awaiting Stock Delivery.

I have an existing order, what’s the impact to me?

We’ll be honouring existing orders, no problem – as Pre-Ordered items or items that are pending delivery come in, we’ll be sending them out as normal.

Is there anything I can order?

Yes, items that are here physically that can be dispatched quickly will remain orderable – this will be reflected on the main landing page of the site.

When will AusAni come back?

That’s not known at this stage, we’ll reevaluate things when the pandemic restrictions ease and things become a little more like how they were in 2019.

Again, thank you so much for every one of you that has started or grown your anime collection with AusAni over the years. It has been a pleasure to help you all with that. And to those who we let down during the course of the pandemic with cancellations or lengthy delays – I can only apologise and thank you again for the patience you’ve shown.

Thank you all.
Kind Regards